Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is here! Are there trees in your gutters???

Do you ever think about your gutters? What is the purpose of them? Why is there a small sapling tree growing out of my gutter? Why do I have a river gushing over my front porch? These are important questions to ask yourself. Making sure that your gutters are free of debris is imperative to preserving your roof, foundation, and siding. Having a blockage causes all kinds of headaches for homeowners. The problem may not surface until it is too late and too costly.

Gutter was blocked causing water to back up and damage the fascia.

Water not flowing properly away from foundation of the house. This rotted the studs, plate, and damaged the masonry foundation.

Most homes have trees that are near or close which continually drop or blow leaves into your gutters.This debris creates clogs which causes your gutters to overflow from the front and the back of your gutters. It is necessary to clean your gutters at least once every three months, but we recommend cleaning them once a month. For a stress free solution to keeping your gutters clean for life visit our website at

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